Thursday, 17 November 2011


Looking at the film Monsters, research how the film was produced and distributed to the audience, consider the following:
• Target audience
• All elements of production, including cast and crew, location and budget
• Marketing and distribution, UK and Worldwide

Target Audience

The UK rating for this movie is 12A. This means that no one younger than 12 may see the ‘12A’ film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult and films classified ‘12A’ are not recommended for a child below 12. An adult may take a younger child if, in their judgement, the film is suitable for that particular child. In such circumstances, responsibility for allowing a child under 12 to view lies with the accompanying adult. This might be because the film may contain some scenes that they suggest are not suitable for a certain audience.
In other parts of the world the film is credited 12. This means that even without the parent the young person will not be able to see the film if they are accompanied by an appropriate adult.

All elements of production, including cast and crew, location and budget

• The film ‘Monsters’ was directed and written by Gareth Edwards. The cast was also relatively small in the characters that we know the names of. These were:
o Whitney Able as Samantha Wynden
o Scoot McNairy as Andrew Kaulder
• Virgo films film equipment $15000
• Budget $500000
• Low budget because of presume cameras capture digital video rather than 35mm film
• When the film was relocated, no permission was asked in advance and extras were already there at the time
• It was shot in Belize, Mexico, Guatemina, Costa Rica and Texas over a period of three weeks.
• For 90% of the film, the crew was comprised of 7 people in one van.
• Edwards did all the special effects themselves, using off the shelve Adobe software. Zebrush, Autodesk, 3D’s, Mac’s.

Marketing and distribution, UK and Worldwide

• Monsters premiered at the ‘South by South West’ festival on the 18th March 2010.
• On the 17th March Magnet realising required the rights for the North American distribution.
• U.K Premiere was at the Edinburgh national film festival on the 18th June 2010.
• Social network ‘four square’ was announced view entertainment and Cineworld cinemas set up infected locations which gave user access to exclusive Monsters content and the chance to win random on the spot prizes.
• In the opening weekend for ‘Monsters’, it took in $20,508 (USA). This meant that there was a Groβ profit of $237,301.
• The trailer for the movie gives us as the audience an idea of what it is going to be about. We can see that it is set in numerous different settings and that it will maybe have a spooky feel to it.

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