Thursday, 20 December 2012

Filming Situation...

Since I filmed at the Training weekend, I haven't really done much filming due to different circumstances. Because of this, I am planning to do a bit of filming over the christmas holidays, such as the interviews from Lucy Adams. This means that I have completed yet another bulk of filming for my product. I will also take a stills camera out and gain some images of what I am doing so that I can document it on my blog.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

This week and christmas filming

Today I hope to film the scenes with Heworth Grange school council as they are having a meeting. I will be filming the meeting from different angles and making sure that I can a variety of different shots that I could use.

Also, I plan to take a camera out over the christmas holidays. Here I will be able to film my scenes/interview with Lucy Adams outside of the school.

Potential audience

The potential audience for my documentary, will be of a simular age to myself. They don't necassarily need to have an interest in the subject, as I will be explaining why they should throughout :)
It would be an audience of mid-teens to early 20’s.I believe that this is the case because they are the age group that I am aiming to appeal to in the documentary itself. The audience will be both male and female and might have an interest in the subject itself.
It will be aimed at both male and female viewers.

Questions for Lucy Adams

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflection on my blog so far

In this lesson, I have had somebody else in the class look at my blog. From this, I have gained the opinions of someone knew looking at my blog for the first time and evaluate it.

These are the possitive comments that I gained:

- I have 30 posts :) This is good as it means I am on route to my target amount which is 60
- 'I like the evaluation of filing so far, gets your head into gear and explains to the examiner how it went'
- 'Last year Pressi... evaluative and is very detailed'
- 'Research on Directors and Reviewing documentaries is good... in depth and a good idea of what to do'
- She likes my use of mindmaps throughout my blog
- She thinks that my updates on the blog are good

There were also examples of negative feedback:

- 'Started with a variety but has steered off towards texts only... Put some video in!'
- 'The Prelim powerpoint is thoughrough ... only text though'
- 'The planning is detailed but presented in a very textual way' She also suggested that I use more photo's.

To achieve a higher grade, I must talk more about my potentail audience, as this is something that I am lacking at the moment. I will also need to add some more posts that are not text heavy.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

This week! :)

This week, I hope to gain some more footage. This time I will be asking the year 7's questions that I think that they should know about politics and seeing what they think and what their general reactions are going to be.

Evaluation of filming so far


The sounds for my documenatry will normally be diegetic, as I will be maiking sure that it is inteviews that are being used. I will also not be using any music over the top, as I am accounting factual infomation, as I have filmed this documentary in a 'direct cinema' way.

The only aspect of my documenatry which will be non-diegetic, will be that of the voiceover which I will use to help convey more information then what I already have captured in my rushes.

A better understanding!

I now have a better understanding of how I wish for my Documenatry to plan out.

The part of the documentary that I am going to create is going to be something that we would typically find in the middle/ near the end. This means that I wouldn’t necessarily have to introduce the documentary itself.

Most of my footage will show the interviewee’s looking straight into the camera.

I will be starting off with a quote that I have gained from one of my interviews. It will more than likely be from Dave Anderson MP. It will then continue to show the elections, through interviews, speeches (medium close up’s) and footage of people voting (close up of the ballot box).

Then I will move on to footage of Lucy Adams, as we can link an interview from the GYA. I will gain the footage of her walking around the school, and add that to the student council footage that I will hopefully be able to capture. (I need establishing shots of the school); (I will also need a variety of shots of her walking around and meeting new people as she goes. (Also gather some long shots of her working within a group at the youth assembly.)

Talk about how she has been involved since year 7, this is when I can sort of link to Andrew (medium close up’s from the training weekend), and also to the interviews with the year 7’s. I will only need to show the summery of the questions. (I will film this with the camera straight to them all). I will be giving them the answers at the same time in order to be able to film their general reactions.

Then we can link to Lee, as he has been involved in Politics from a very early age himself. Show footage from the interview (medium close up’s) and then also long shots of him walking down corridor’s ect. Show him giving his opinion of young people in politics.

Conclude with footage from the group activities from the training weekend. Show some good shots of people working!

Over the next few weeks I plan to...