Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Over Christmas

Over Christmas I have collected a number of clips which I could use for the introduction of my final product. These clips include how young people are portrayed in the media in both possitive and negative ways.
I have also created a first draft of a script for this section.

First draft

Every year, we see thousands of stories in the news that relate to young people in one way or another. We see them achieve their high grades in exams and helping the community, and many seem to come into the spotlight through the various talents that they may possess. But the majority of them show us in a more negative light. The London riots, for example, is just one of the many examples where we can see them portraying the stereotype that many see us as today, but why see us all in the same way? Many young people are over shadowed by this bad light and have started to become more involved in the process of making a difference. And with an increasing interest of the subject being shown in Parliament itself, we must ask ourselves the question... Are young people interested in politics?

This is a section that I hope to last about 30 seconds.

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