Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield is one of the most well-known English documentary makers in our time. Since he began his career in 1971, he has directed/produced over 30 documentaries.
During his career Nick, was originally influenced by the observational style of the likes of Fred Wiseman, Robert Leacock and Pennebaker. This was all before he moved on to the more idiosyncratic style in which he is now better known for. This style became a lot more experimental, and he preferred it this way.

Broomfield is best known for his self-reflexive film-making style – a film being about the making of itself as much as it’s about the subject matter. This seems to be a style that has also been used recently by: Michael Moore, Louis Theroux and Morgan Spurlock, and they have all gained some box office his.

His best work is probably Kurt and Courtney, which is a documentary about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, one of the few films that was selected, and then later banned from the Sundance Film Festival. He had already won a prize at this festival for solider girls.

I think that it will be important to look at some of his work as I will also be both directing and producing my own product in a similar way that he does. I will be looking at one of his documentaries to look at his style and to see how I might be able to incorporate it into my own.

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