Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rough plan

Start off with the student council. Talk to Lucy and one of the Chair’s. Ask them why they think that things like this are important and what their ‘future’ goals are. Film some of the student council for a while and then cut, hopefully, cut to a different school council to show that not only are important but pretty much every school in the borough has one. I don’t really have to ask them anything, if at all; just film some of their meeting.
Then after that mention how there are a group who meet once a month………………………………… Then gain some footage of GYA/YFG. Explain what they do ect. And then ask if a couple of them will get in front of the camera and say something?
Also I can try to gain some footage of full council. Contact Linda Green or Mick Henry/ Jane Robson to try to get this sorted out!
Main Feature is Lee. Hopefully I will be able to get a load of good footage which will mean that it will be good if I can use some of his footage throughout. I will be able cut in and out and use his opinions in a lot of interesting ways. I will be getting his opinions on the different youth groups ect, and then allow him to tell the audience why politics is so important in life ect.

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