Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I have now started editing together the footage that I have already gained. I have placed in the interviews that I am going to use and the group work/ speeches. With the interviews, I have made sure to use the typical convention of telling the audience the name of the interviewee and what they do at the bottom of the page. This makes my documentary look authentic.
I have also turned the volume of the speeches right down. This allows for me to be able to imput a voice over easier, and allow for people to hear me.
Experimenting with the many different functions on imovie, I have found that some of them might come into use. For example, I might use the fade in/out function at the start/end of my documentary clip.
Although I have started editing, I am far from finished. I should be filming more during the upcomming week, which means that it would be easier to insert more rushes into the existing.

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