Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Useage of the footage

This is the footage that I think I am going to use from the GYA training weekend:
• 2 or 3 of the speeches shorten them right down and have a voice over on the top. (Sean, Gennaro and possibly Amanda’s)
• Chair/ vice chair interviews.
• Either the Treasurer/ vice, or the secretary/vice.
• Luke’s interview as an unsuccessful candidate for the position of media rep.
• Dave Anderson, MP, interview. (use a short clip of his to start off the interview)
• Lucy’s interview (and also maybe Andrew’s)
• Use some of the group work footage.

This way I know that I have a variation of different shots/ purposes being covered within my documentary. These are also, I believe, to be the best rushes that I managed to take over the two days.

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