Thursday, 13 December 2012

Reflection on my blog so far

In this lesson, I have had somebody else in the class look at my blog. From this, I have gained the opinions of someone knew looking at my blog for the first time and evaluate it.

These are the possitive comments that I gained:

- I have 30 posts :) This is good as it means I am on route to my target amount which is 60
- 'I like the evaluation of filing so far, gets your head into gear and explains to the examiner how it went'
- 'Last year Pressi... evaluative and is very detailed'
- 'Research on Directors and Reviewing documentaries is good... in depth and a good idea of what to do'
- She likes my use of mindmaps throughout my blog
- She thinks that my updates on the blog are good

There were also examples of negative feedback:

- 'Started with a variety but has steered off towards texts only... Put some video in!'
- 'The Prelim powerpoint is thoughrough ... only text though'
- 'The planning is detailed but presented in a very textual way' She also suggested that I use more photo's.

To achieve a higher grade, I must talk more about my potentail audience, as this is something that I am lacking at the moment. I will also need to add some more posts that are not text heavy.

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