Tuesday, 4 December 2012

A better understanding!

I now have a better understanding of how I wish for my Documenatry to plan out.

The part of the documentary that I am going to create is going to be something that we would typically find in the middle/ near the end. This means that I wouldn’t necessarily have to introduce the documentary itself.

Most of my footage will show the interviewee’s looking straight into the camera.

I will be starting off with a quote that I have gained from one of my interviews. It will more than likely be from Dave Anderson MP. It will then continue to show the elections, through interviews, speeches (medium close up’s) and footage of people voting (close up of the ballot box).

Then I will move on to footage of Lucy Adams, as we can link an interview from the GYA. I will gain the footage of her walking around the school, and add that to the student council footage that I will hopefully be able to capture. (I need establishing shots of the school); (I will also need a variety of shots of her walking around and meeting new people as she goes. (Also gather some long shots of her working within a group at the youth assembly.)

Talk about how she has been involved since year 7, this is when I can sort of link to Andrew (medium close up’s from the training weekend), and also to the interviews with the year 7’s. I will only need to show the summery of the questions. (I will film this with the camera straight to them all). I will be giving them the answers at the same time in order to be able to film their general reactions.

Then we can link to Lee, as he has been involved in Politics from a very early age himself. Show footage from the interview (medium close up’s) and then also long shots of him walking down corridor’s ect. Show him giving his opinion of young people in politics.

Conclude with footage from the group activities from the training weekend. Show some good shots of people working!

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