Thursday, 3 May 2012

EVALUATION: What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

The company which I believe would be great for distributing my music magazine would be Bauer. The reason why I think that they would be great my magazine is because they have already had great success in publishing and distributing other magazines, such as Q. Since Bauer is a great multimedia company, I feel that they would be able to take more risks in the decisions that they make in publishing. My magazine isn’t what they would normally publish, as the audience that I have chosen is younger than their usual. But, I have also used the theme Pop Rock, with a layout which they would usually use... which means that it wouldn’t be too different to the material that they already publish.
My audience themselves will be slightly younger than the average for their normal market, but by producing my magazine I believe that it would help them expand into that niche market, and therefore help to expand their profits. Using this company to distribute my product would mean that I would be helping them to reach into this market. Although this is the kind of company which would be aiming for a higher audience, but they would be able afford taking a risk with mine through the profits that they have already created.

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