Friday, 4 May 2012

EVALUATION: Who would be the audience for your media product?

The ideal audience for my magazine would be an audience that was made up of young teens of male and female genders from the ages of rough fully 13 to 18. The reason why I have chosen to target both genders is because my type of music is so specific I didn’t want to limit my audience anymore than I had. The reason for my age range is because this is the norm age range for this type of genre.
My audience would all have the interests of the pop rock genre of music, and would more than likely all be from the working class background. They would buy the typical amount of music for anyone of that age, and the majority of it will be of the pop rock genre, as well as music magazines which could be considered to follow the same genre of music that I have followed.
I have priced my product at £2.50 and I probably would only publish an issue once a month. This is because since I am targeting young teens from the working class I didn’t want to make my magazine too costly for my target audience to afford. This gives me a larger chance to expand on my audience, and so that my magazine is relatable for everyone.

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